Grandma’s Aprons

From grandma’s pattern box,
I found this apron pattern.
Delightful aprons even 
back when they were
in fashion – the only
problem is that I don’t
know anyone that has
a waist that size.
Both of my grandmother’s
wore aprons over their
house dresses protecting
them from grease splatters
and flour. 

I actually own two aprons
which sit in my closet and
I never think to use them.
I don’t wear house dresses
and I really don’t cook as
much as both of my
grandmother’s did.

4 thoughts on “Grandma’s Aprons

  1. Jo

    I don't own any aprons, but I remember my grandma wearing them, and my mum used to too, though I haven't seen her wear one for years now.


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