Bliss List #3, I am Behind One

I am connecting to Liv Lane and her Bliss List Party.

1. Great Harvest sells fresh ground wheat made into the best bread in town. I stopped by to buy a loaf and to my amazement, they had Mazurka (Mazurek) – a polish pastry.  I was ecstatic so much so that I could hardly wait until I could buy one slice.  Bread took second place today.

2. I received to photos from Aleksander who lives in one of the towns where my ancestors lived in Poland. It is a tribute to my Zagorski family and was built in 1860 by Andrzej Zagorski.

3.  Sold another copy of my book called “Eames and Edwards Lineage”. It’s down to a blue moon when I have a cousin contact me by email who would like a hard copy of my book except they are all sold out so I do have CD’s of my book to sell. It took 7 years of research on that book and it grew to a gianormous size and gave me shingles.

4. Because of technology, I am able to see my grandchildren at least once a week. They live so far away now that I just can’t drive over to see them anymore. We use Skype and little N. tries to climb into the computer to touch me.


6 thoughts on “Bliss List #3, I am Behind One

  1. Snap

    The pastry look delicious. How wonderful to receive the photograph of the tribute to your family. Congratulations on selling a copy of your book. Isn't technology wonderful … it keeps us all so connected. Wishing you a Bliss filled week!


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