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Scavenger Hunt for March

This is my second scavenger hunt. I enjoyed taking photos last month with a subject. Linking up with Postcards from P.P.

1 .Morning
Woke up to a fresh coat of snow.

2. Buttons
From my grandma C, tin of buttons.

                                                                        3. Square

Square picture frame holding delicate
handmade lace from England
showing the Father and His Son Jesus
appearing to Joseph Smith in
the forest.

4. kitchen

5. theatre
Kingsbury Hall, Salt Lake City

6. street name
How many signs can you put on one post?

7. fancy

fancy lamp

8. landmark
Whoever owns this place, they keep adding old 1930s trucks. There must be at least 10 of them there similar to the one in front of the pumps.

9. fashion
glitter shoes

10. Words
taken from the Diary of William W. Meguire

April 30, 1845: The Nauvoo Temple was dedicated to the Lord (30 April 1846).  The meeting continued for four days.  The exodus of the saints from Nauvoo is continuing.

May 13: Margaret Tweed came to live with us.

May 27: Robert Wright started from Nauvoo with a load, part his, Bushman’s, Kearn’s and mine.

June 9: Col. Williams now warned the saints to leave Nauvoo and the vicinity so as to vacate by the 15th

June 12: Charlotte Meguire and Margaret Tweed started with Perry Whitlock with two wagonloads.

June 14: Brother Kearnes and Bushman, and I started and crossed the Mississippi River.  Traveled to the west two miles and camped till June 27; traveled to the farm of Bonnel and brothers (about 18 miles west of Nauvoo).  A large camp of Mormons were here to harvest grain, Bonnels having 530 acres to harvest, gave $1.25 per acre, part cash and one-half store pay for putting grain into shorts. I earned some over $10 harvesting.  I got my lame leg hurt and was unable to use it for three weeks.
September 1: I started from Bonnels with several others and traveled to four miles beyond Buonapart and camped September 10-12.  The burning of houses, etc. by mobs out from Nauvoo commenced in September.
September 16:  Frank Worrell was shot.
September 17: Three others were shot.
Mid September: Brother Anderson and his son were killed. About the middle of September, Nauvoo was taken by the mob. 
October 7: John Neff, Julian and James Moses, Alexander Stanley, and myself with our families started for Winter Quarters (Council Bluffs). 
October 11: Irwin Whitlock was very sick.
October 12th:   Eliza Bushman died. Martin Bushman, John Ely with their families (of our company) turned back. 
October 14th:   Irwin Whitlock started for Missouri. 
October 19th: Hetty Bushman died.
October 20th: Bushman stayed behind. 
October 23:  Broke my wagon wheel tire.
October 24th:   I got within 1½ miles of the Missouri River;
25th, I crossed the river and traveled two miles.
November 15: Old Brother Murphy (Burphy?) was shot by the mob at Lima. 

Arrived at Winter Quarters (Council Bluffs, Iowa) October 26, 1846

11. City
Elba, Idaho

12. Half a face
from the Blue Lemon


Bliss List #8

Every Friday, the Little Bliss List provides a chance for us to celebrate the little things that brought us hope and happiness this week. I do believe when we focus on the sweet stuff of life, the sweet stuff multiplies. And by sharing those small gifts in our lives, we help others notice the gifts in theirs.

 I am joining in with the Friday Bliss List party at Liv Lanes.

1. I am thankful for my grandchildren.  Sean got his first pair of glasses and what do little boys do, they make faces at the camera.  If it’s not a head tilt, it is a partial maybe I won’t or maybe I will smile or let’s just suck in a bottom lip smile.

2.  I actually finished my first wired pendant.  I used copper to practice with but I still had to special order square wire.  It needs a fine copper chain not the one I had but it worked. I used a pear shaped crystal quartz – not a cheap stone to practice on.

3. Today is a wonderfully bright sunny day with no breezes and blissfully, the barometer is not moving or bringing a churning migraine. The view from my backyard is spectacular. The sometimes I am right and sometimes I am wrong weathermen are predicting snow on Sunday so if they are right, our mountains will get more snow and we may see some here in the valley.

4. My birthday is coming up in a few days and as I think about it, I remember all of the friends and family whom I have outlived. I am lucky to have lived to this age. My best friend died of breast cancer at age 40.  My daughter sent me the following for my birthday:  a very cute ring pin cushion, a bar of delicious smelling cranberry soap, a slice of blue and pink birthday cake (soap) and an owl pendant. Can’t get fat on soap cake!

5. My rhubarb is coming up and looking really good.  I am totally nuts about rhubarb – it not only reminds me of my grandmother Clarissa who made syrup and jam from rhubarb but also her famous strawberry rhubarb pie. I like rhubarb so much that I can even eat it raw but usually, I make a thick syrup and put it on hot cakes.

5. I love the little prime roses that survived the winter and are clustering larger.

Extravagant Silver

This car is not just an amazing silver
 color. It is made of real silver for
an Arabian Prince.  And do we
wonder where the money goes
when we buy gas?

I use a tiny bit of silver and gold
to make earrings and jewelry
but a car – that is total
extravagancy nuts!

I am sure that the servants
who get to polish the silver
are not happy except
that they have a
regular income.

I ordered these tiny little
cloisonné beads from
Hong Kong which came
by airmail and cost $1.00
for postage.

I ordered an owl necklace which
cost only $3.50 but the shipping
was $4.56 from Shanghai, China.
It been more than a month and I
still haven’t received the owl.  I
really think it was shipped on a
slow boat from China!

David Scott Plumlee

I’ve not seen his DVDs or work but according to Pretty Things blog, he is  exceptional about writing very precise and clear instructions in creating wonderful wire pieces of jewelry.

So I am giving a shout out for Lori’s blog and David Scott Plumlee for the giveaways that she is doing for him.

Wind Havoc

It actually got up to 72 degrees F this weekend even though it was rather windy.  Then came Monday – it dropped to 40 F. and I just made it home from my chiropractic visit before the snow hit. This morning it was blowing so hard that a neighbors trampoline blew down another neighbors fence on both side of her property and it was four houses away.

A semi truck blew over just at the point of the mountain and blocked traffic on the freeway for hours. Not only did it block south bound traffic, the north lanes slowed down and of course, it looked like the typical parking lot on the freeway when something goes wrong. The north bounders had to slow down and peek at the semi truck and there you go for a Monday morning.

I am so grateful that I do not have to make that drive anymore. All those people rubber necking reminds me of this photo.