Bliss List #4

Connecting to Liv Lane and her Bliss List Party for Fridays.

1. Received a nice surprise in the mail for Valentines only it was about a week late. Two little booklets, a chocolate candy bar, and a card that neither of my cats would be jealous of.

Old Dilapidated Bridge, looking West

On my way toward the pig farm cutoff, I took a picture of the old bridge was replaced with a cement model which goes over the Jordan River.  Although why it has River status, I will never know.

New Bridge over the Jordan River

You can just see a bit of the River peeking out from the weeds.

Pig Farm, looking East

2. Took a drive today and drove by the chicken and pig farm 10 miles west of where I live.  I usually avoid this area because you can smell it coming for miles but what really surprised me is that I found a new road that I didn’t know existed.  They should have built it 10 years ago but as we all know, progress is slow.

3. I am blessed to live in a valley surrounded on the west and east by mountains which have been the recipient of lots of snow this year.

4. I received my special wire tools today. I’ve been wanting to learn to craft these drop dead gorgeous pendants with large stones and bright silver wire caressing the stone and swirling every which way.


5 thoughts on “Bliss List #4

  1. Snap

    I love bridges and the area around the pigs may not smell very good, but the scenery is pretty! Enjoy the chocolate and can't wait to see the *drop dead gorgeous pendants! Wishing you a bliss filled week.


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