Fifty Percent

An hour has disappeared
and left us
with the week of terror.
Sleep deprived, colds,
traffic accidents all
because of Daylight 
Savings Time!

Fifty percent seem to
really like the change –
early birds who
love to get up at
the crack of dawn
are happy.

My Hand Made Clock

Me, I always have
difficulty with the
going back and 
forth of the clock.

Some say that they
are adjusted within
a week along with
a runny nose from
not getting enough

Not all my clocks
change by themselves.
Some are battery
operated so those I
have to change manually.


5 thoughts on “Fifty Percent

  1. Helsie

    Queensland is the only state in Australia that doesn't have daylight saving so in the height of Summer it is pitch dark here at7:00pm. It causes all sorts of difficulty in the business world but it really doesn't bother me. We just enjoy the light till seven then eat our evening meal when it is dark.cheers

  2. Cranberry Morning

    I am definitely not a fan of Daylight Saving Time! It always takes me at least a week to adjust – both in the spring and the fall – not to mention the feeding times of my dogs. What a nuisance!

  3. Jo

    Our clocks don't go forward for another couple of weeks. I'm looking forward to it being lighter for longer on an evening, I seem to get so much more done.


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