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During our DUP (Daughters of the Utah Pioneers) meeting, we celebrated an early St. Patrick’s Day with beautifully decorated tables, a chicken pot pie lunch with scrumptious homemade light green frosted cupcakes and emerald green jello poppers in the shape of shamrocks.  I must say I was not impressed with the poppers.  I guess that I am just not a jello person. The little fellow below sat on our table during the whole festive occasion.

We each had little black pots full of gold coins (filled with milk chocolate) and mints.

From 1915 “On the Watch Tower” RS magazine 

“Eleven thousand women have been enrolled on the police force in larger cities of Italy to keep peace at home while the men make war abroad.”

American’s Liberty Bell arrived in Salt Lake City on July 11 en route to the exposition at San Francisco. Nowhere along the whole route of its travel did the bell receive a more cordial welcome than in the Beehive State.”

Artifact brought
A painting by Lorus Pratt son of Parley Pratt. 
Lorus was sent on an art mission to France 
to learn painting. He was one of several men who were sent to Paris to study so that they could return to paint murals on the walls of the Salt Lake Temple.

Recipes in the RS Magazine
Scotch Scones: 
1 c. milk
2 c. flour
1 egg
2 t. baking powder
1/2 t. salt
1 T. shortening
Add baking powder, salt and shortening to flour and mix thoroughly. Beat egg and add to milk. Add milk to flour. Drop into a dish and put in a quick oven. Bake 20 minutes.

This advice was added at the end of the recipe: “People have gone shortening mad, and the desire for fried foods is said by some to be a great cause of cancer. Cancer is very prevalent where pork is used to excess and foods swim in fat.”

There was a recipe for Scalloped Macaroni (Meatless)
3/4 c. macaroni 
2 qt boiling water
1 T. salt
2 c. white sauce
(made with 2 c milk, 2 T. butter, 4 T. flour and seasoning)
1/3 lb. grated cheese
1/2 c. buttered bread crumbs
2 T. butter
Cook macaroni, drain. Alternate layers of macaroni and cheese and white sauce. Cover with buttered crumbs and bake in moderate oven until crumbs are brown.  Serve with ketchup.

This piano was brought across the plains in 1862 in a wagon.  They had to remove the legs so that the piano laid flat in the bottom of the wagon.  When they arrived in Wyoming, they could not cross the river with such a heavy load so they buried the piano in the dirt.  A year later with an empty wagon, the owner of the piano drove his wagon back to Wyoming and found the piano and took it back to Utah.  It now resides in the DUP Museum in Salt Lake City.

Other musical instruments were brought across the plains.  One fellow brought the wires of his dulcimer and after building his cabin in Utah, he built his dulcimer from the wood he took from the mountains.

Because my birthday is at the end of March, those of us who had birthdays in March were given little black and white refillable notebooks with a flower attached.

4 thoughts on “Relief Society Magazine – DUP

  1. Anne

    Hi Ruth, My granddaughter O's mum and her family are from Ireland and they celebrate St Patricks day in style.They usually go to a big parade in Leeds and last year O had a gorgeous little dress on that proclaimed 'my first St Patricks day!'Looks like you had a great time.


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