Bliss List #6

My blist list – I am connecting to Liv Lane for Friday’s Bliss List Party.

1.  It is wonderful to have days when I don’t have migraines – those days are sunny with no storms moving towards us. But that full moon is a tricky one – this last one put me down.

2. I tried a new pattern bracelet last night and was just thoroughly delighted with how it turned out. I designed some earrings to match.

3. Some crocus and daffodils are popping out their little heads getting ready to bloom. Spring flowers are wonderful and makes my heart do a little flutter. Today, there were actually two daffodils in full bloom.

4. I discovered how they paint and change colors on Lucite flowers and other jewelry objects this afternoon.  I have a burning desire to learn more and more and eventually will find my niche.

5. Little Abby has become a very loving companion. She’s had finally decided that I am okay. My daughter left her with me when they moved to California. I tend to spoil my cats by brushing them and giving them tiny bits of real meat now and then.

Liv Lane


3 thoughts on “Bliss List #6

  1. Anne

    Hi Ruth, just to let you know here in UK mothers day is a moveable day.It is always on the fourth sunday of lent.Therefore this year it is on sunday 18th march.Makes things a bit complicated!Love your new makes.

  2. Lori

    Visiting from Liv's Bliss List this week. Loving the bracelet, so glad you were able to enjoy a few days without the migraines (they can knock your socks off – I understand) and I so love the kitty.


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