Bliss List #7

I am linking up with Liv Lane for the Bliss List party today.

We are now getting some nice weather today.
It should be 70 F. which is a
really pleasant temperature.

I got my driver’s license renewed.
All my neighbors said it was such
a hassle with long lines. We had
to bring SS card, birth certificate, 
two forms showing my address
like a bank statement, the
utility bill. Next we were
to call to make an
appointment. This was all
because the State of Utah
had given driver’s licenses to
illegal aliens so we had to
pay for their mistake!

Well, as it turned out, it was no
hassel at all.  I gathered
all this information to take
with me and didn’t need part
of it because I hadn’t moved,
no lines, I took the recent eye
test from my doctor and
didn’t even need an eye test.
I even like my picture.

I’ve received some fantastic 
presents this week.
Although my birthday is not
until the end of the month.

I finally broke down and got a
really cute hair cut yesterday.
I should have done it a 
week ago.

My daughter finally took pictures
of the t-shirts I sent.
Sean with a taped on leaf
of the clover.

Rachael with a rainbow and pot
of gold.


3 thoughts on “Bliss List #7

  1. Paulette

    Send me a photo of your new hair cut. I'm glad your weather is warm, today we are cool with rain. Love the pictures of the kids – they sure grow up fast.


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