Bliss List #9

Connecting to Liv Lane’s
Bliss Party on Friday.

This Easter season is a
time to remember when
I had family surrounding
me to help celebrate
 I am blessed to be free
to speak how I feel,
to attend the church
of my choice and
to live my live as
I desire.
I am blessed to be
able to read and write
and to continue
being educated even
as I grow older.

9 thoughts on “Bliss List #9

  1. Sabrina S.

    Hi Ruth,Happy Easter to you and your precious ones. Life is a long journey of self-discovery and learning experiences, your grandchildren are lucky to have such a well of wisdom to draw inspiration from.Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.Sending you good vibes from France.

  2. Barbara

    How wonderful and blessed to have all these freedoms when so many in the world don't. Thanks for sharing your beautiful list and for visiting mine.


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