Almost Missed my Duppy Day

I woke up late and therefore, I was late to my water aerobics class.  Next, I was starting to think about my blog and found that I was late to DUP and to my utter panic, I was on the program.  I jumped into my car and drove helter skelter to the meeting. I made it just in time to show my tin type photos that  I inherited.

Samuel Meguire married Charlotte Ann Babb at West Caln, Chester, Pennsylvania (an area filled with Mennonites, Quakers and other religious sects).  Their son Thomas Meguire was born in September of 1826 and two months later, Samuel died.  His widow with a three-month old babe moved into her father-in-law’s home to keep house.  William who was one of the younger sons was asked to marry his brother’s widow even though he had his eye on another girl closer to his age.  William and Charlotte married and had two daughters: Catherine and Juley. After investigating many religious sects, William heard the prophet Joseph Smith speak in Philadelphia.  He went to many of the Mormon meetings after that and they joined the Mormons and moved to Nauvoo, Illinois.  Thomas Meguire went with them but as they neared Nauvoo, he changed his mind and returned to Pennsylvania. This is my 8×10 tin type photo of Thomas Meguire:

It is called a tin type because the photo is on tin and notice how modern it is – they colorized it.

The lesson I nearly missed was about hair art. Can you believe that they used to make hair wreaths?


June 1, 1874
“Some very pretty hair wreaths have been made, and one outstanding one is made from the hair of the wives and daughters of Brigham Young. It has an oval-shaped box frame of oak and was presented to Brigham Young on his 73rd birthday.”

One of my neighbors had a collection of hair art from his ancestors – he took it to the Antique’s Road Show and they said it wasn’t worth anything but sentimental value.  


3 thoughts on “Almost Missed my Duppy Day

  1. NanaDiana

    One of my friends had a collection of hair art, too. I always thought it was a tad creepy. What I DO like is your tin type. What a neat old piece of art to have. Thank you for popping by my blog and commenting today- xo Diana

  2. Anne

    Hi Ruth, interesting to read about the hair art.The Victorians used to have mourning brooches and pendants that contained hair of deceased loved ones.Bit ghoulish really!


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