Back in 1973

I had decided
that enough was enough – no more talking,
I was heading for Alaska.  
After I started out, I never looked back.
Thanks heavens it wasn’t winter or
I could have ended up freezing
to death on the Alcan Hiway.
Some say it gets -80 to -100 degrees
F. in winter. I heard about that
after I arrived in Anchorage.

At the time I drove it, the beginning 
and the end of the Alcan were paved but
then there was that middle
part – all gravel and dirt.
As I drove all by myself
the road turned and twisted
every which way. I felt as if I
was on a roller coaster.
That erie feeling came creeping 
over me after 
driving for hours and not
seeing a living creature any
where. As I gazed out my
window on either side, I could
see millions of trees. I felt sorry
for them because they were
all stunted and grew only
to 4 foot tall.  Harsh
weather takes a toll on
living plants.
Then without warning, an enormously
gigantic semi truck came barreling
down toward me taking up the
middle of the road. That’s
enough to take your breath
away.  I slept in my car
most of the way until I got
to the Yukon.


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