Northern Lights

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I was just screechin down the Alcan listening to my V-8 player (anyone remember those?) when the road turned to gravel. If you’ve driven on a gravel dirt road, you know that 50 is about the limit that you can go unless you want to end up in the ditch.  Some days, I drove 14 hours only stopping to gas up and buy food. One lady who had just pumped my gas, said “looks like you’re loaded for bear”!  Clothes were hanging like a curtain of rainbows from a rod that extended the width my Pontiac Lemans.

As it was getting dark, I noticed an odd light in the sky bouncing around. They were mostly blues and greens. I stopped to behold the amazing Northern Lights.  Believe it or not, I was spooked.  I got the hebe jeebies and found a motel for the night. It had been five days since I had taken a shower. I must of smelled real ripe. To sleep in a bed, heavenly!

I started out in the early brisk morning anxious to get on my way to my dream – to see Alaska.  I came to what I thought was a large river but actually, it was Muncho Lake where the water is such a deep mesmerizing green that I just wanted to stop and stay awhile. The color is emblazoned permanently into my brain. I always thought that someday I might return.

When I arrived at Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, I was amazed at what I saw on the Yukon River. Two paddle boats (sternwheelers) which are famous for traveling the Mississippi River. I was awe struck. In 1929 these boats were built to travel up the mighty Yukon River. White Horse was named after the White horse rapids on the river which resemble a horses flowing mane.

SS Klondike sank once 1936 but was restored in 1937. 


3 thoughts on “Northern Lights

  1. Anne

    You have certainly travelled Ruth, and how wonderful to have seen the northern lights, an ambition of mine. There were places in Yorkshire where you could see them really well only a few weeks ago.It was an unusual occurrence because they are not usually visible but sadly we didnt get to see them here.

  2. NanaDiana

    Ruth- What a great adventure you had there. I love taking this trip with you. Blessings to you- have a great weekend and I can't wait to hear more. xo Diana

  3. Cranberry Morning

    That was a fascinating post! Loved reading it. We used to see the Northern Lights here in NW Wisconsin a lot when I was a kid. Evidently it was during a period of a lot of solar flare activity. I remember too once when there were green and red swirling clouds above me at night. Scared me to death. That's before I knew that the Northern Lights came in colors other than white. :-)Great photos! Wanted to stop in and say hi. Looks like it will be another week before my computer is up and running. Hope my photo files all restore. (sent from my husband's computer)


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