Bliss List #10

I like to link up with Liv Lane on Friday to share bliss lists.

1.  Mine started with the full moon for April and bless my soul, I did not get the full moon migraine this month.  Last month I was not so lucky but this month was a breeze. I did try to take a picture for the very first time of a full moon in the dark.

2. My daughter sent me new photos of my rambunctious R and tilt-the-head-in -photos S.

3. After 17 years I finally put knobs on my kitchen cabinets. Perhaps, my fingers are not as nimble as they used to be.

4. We had a blizzard on Good Friday but by Easter temps had warmed up and it was a lovely warm day. I wasn’t thrilled with a blizzard but it did bring moisture to the plants and trees and my grass greened up some.


6 thoughts on “Bliss List #10

  1. Anne

    Gorgeous pictures of the grandchildren.I didnt know that you got migraines at a full moon! I hadnt noticed myself but I have to say my medication does seem to be working now.

  2. NanaDiana

    What a nice list. I love the pictures of you grandkids. They are adorable. I have some of those same knobs at my house. Don't you love them? Glad your snow is gone-we have sunshine today-YEA!

  3. Jo

    What beautiful grandchildren you have, Ruth. They grow so quickly at that age so it's nice that your daughter sends you up to date photos of them.


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