Chilkoot Charlie

I seemed to be a 
gluton for punishment.
I not only worked
during the day but I also
worked part time
in the evening for
 the hospital typing
doctor’s summaries about 
their patients.

One winter evening after my
shift, I stopped by
Chilkoot Charlies.
That is where I met my
friend Butch. 
It was a typical Alaskan bar with
sawdust on the floor. They had
exotic drinks with names like
moose tracks and bear juice.
I was just feeling comfortable
when a giant rumble of
laughter surrounded me.
I turned around to see
and wow did I see. Walking
through the bar not two feet
away from me was a guy
stark naked. He strutted right
past and walked out the
front door into the snowy
night barefooted.

You all remember that old
song about the streak
where the husband yelled
“Don’t look Ethel” but it was
too late, she saw the

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