Anchorage’s Dangerous Tides

Having always lived inland, I
spent many blissful moments next to 
the ocean and the docks watching with
 Sealand Shipping
That’s me.

I got so excited that I nearly wet my
pants when a Navy ship (forgot
to take a photo)
docked in Anchorage. The Captain gave me 
a tour and asked me to
dinner. Well, I was young,
single and a fairly
attractive blonde. I never
thought of myself as a hottie
because I always had that
extra 7 pounds on my butt.

He told me that the tides
in Anchorage inlet moved
so quickly that they had
to keep the engines
running at 4 knots just
to keep stationary.

During the 1964 Alaskan
earth quake, a whole 
subdivision of homes fell
into the inlet never to
be recovered.


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