Fur Rondy

The winter of 1974 was my first
Fur Rondy, held in downtown

It was 5 degrees below zero
but hundreds lined the
street waiting for the Iditarod 
race to start. The dogs
were anxious to go,
the dog sleds were packed,
and the racers waiting for
that gunshot.
to say the least, I
couldn’t take my eyes off
the dogs, sleds, the seal fur 
parkas and
Eskimos. I did not have a clue
as to who was racing – just
being there was a thrill.
The race began
 in Anchorage
 and ended in Nome.

I was there stomping around in
my grey suede leather
witch pointy 
cow pie kicking
boots. No matter how long
I stomped, my feet were
 Who in
their right mind goes to
a winter festival in below
zero weather?

These boots keep your feet warm, not
cowboy boots from Utah. 

You can bet these girls
were warm in their fur

After all the dogs and sleds
had left, the fascinating
walrus skin blanket toss
(Alaskan trampoline) 
began. Totally

Did you notice that same
bright in your face
yellow building? For the
life of me, I do not
remember what it was.

Downtown Anchorage had a
lower half that was a good
six feet lower on the north
side, it had sunk during
that devastating 1964


6 thoughts on “Fur Rondy

  1. Paulette

    With several of my classes we would follow along with Iditorod, so I have read many books and articles about this event. You however got to witness the start of this fabulous event, wow.

  2. Anne

    I have never heard of this sort of event Ruth, it must have been amazing to see.Cant imagine the cold though, I dont really like being cold!

  3. NanaDiana

    Amazing! I will say that similar things happened to me with the cold when I moved from Florida to Wisconsin. I haven't warmed up yet and it has been 30 years! xo Diana


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