Snow Up to Your Knees

I awoke to 14 inches

of fresh sparkling white
snow. I jumped into
my car and thought, 
“I’ll just gun it” and
back out into the
freshly plowed street.”
It’s only a couple of feet.
Nice thought, only
it didn’t quite work
that way.

I was definitely stuck
with no shovel at hand.
I thought, 
“I’ll just call work
and say I am not
coming into work.”
Turning to leave,
a car stopped in
the middle of the street,
two guys eagerly jumped out 
and began to
shovel the snow.
Along came another guy
and guess what –
they got my car out into
the street in no time.
My roommate, however,
just stayed home. I was
insanely jealous.

Anchorage picks up
the snow and puts it into
a dump truck which
in turn dumps the snow
into a dry lake bed. I
marveled at how they
handled snow.

By the way, I have it all figured out.
All of us wanted to
know what happened to
 winter.  Well, here
is a picture of where it

 Road to Valdez in 2012. 

To get to Valdez, you
 drive over a mountain pass.
When I drove it,
clouds descended like 
heavenly angels so
that I thought I was
driving in fog.

Typical Alaskan humor.


3 thoughts on “Snow Up to Your Knees

  1. Anne

    Those snow pics are amazing Ruth, we complain here when we have a few inches.We have got lots of rain here at the moment and it has been raining for days and days now.There is a hosepipe ban and drought officially in the south of England, unfortunately we are awash with it all here!!!

  2. NanaDiana

    Wow, Ruth…amazing! I don't miss the big snows that we had in the mts. of PA. We get it bad enough here in WI! xo Dianaps. Ruth, did you know that you have NoReply on your comments? When I try to respond to your comment it goes to NoReply. If you would like to change that let me know-that way people can thank you or offer a follow up comment to the one you left.


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