Bliss List End of April

Connecting to Liv Lane’s Bliss List Friday.

This is a postcard from 1909 that was sent to my grandmother before she married. Ervin lived in Standrod, Idaho and she lived in Almo, Idaho and had met at a dance.  He was trying to be the charming young man who enjoyed dancing with her and was anxious for the next dance to come.

1. We had three blissful days of warmth.  It even got up to 80 one day. The birds are back and I’ve kept a listening ear open to hear their tunes.

2. My neighbor and friend is moving – sad for me but happy for her. She asked if I could get boxes.  Well, now.  I took a look in my basement and found all kinds of odds and ends, small and big boxes that my daughter left when she moved.  As I was checking my garage, walla – found about 15 folded boxes that I hadn’t even noticed before.  It felt so good to help a friend and get rid of boxes that just take up space. Although, now I might have to clean my garage it is such a mess.

3. One of the better water aerobic instructors found out that I make hand made jewelry and asked if I wanted to display some at her home where she does nails. She is a sweet young girl who loves to dance just like I do. She went to Arabia this year and even taught water aerobics there. The jury is still out, haven’t decided if I like this necklace I made or not.

4. Count down begins, I’ll be going to California in August for my 4th grandchild’s birth.  Can’t wait.

5. I’ve been blogging about my adventures in Alaska which really takes me back to my single and carefree days when all I had to worry about was getting up on time to go to work.


8 thoughts on “Bliss List End of April

  1. Marilyn

    Thank You for your kind comments on my doilies. I just love making them as they are something the women in my family always did.I always found the best place to find boxes to move with were liquor boxes. Not only are the Liquor stores glad to be rid of them but think about it …. If they can hold heavy bottles of liquor they would certainly hold household stuff!!Have a Great Weekend!!Marilyn

  2. Anne

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading about and seeing the photos from Alaska.Great news about your 4th grandchild.I bet you are so excited!

  3. Snap

    I love the postcard and that it was sent to you grandmother. Birdsong is one of my favorite things. How nice to have a place to sell your jewelry. Congratulations on your grandchild … August is just around the corner! Wishing you a Bliss filled week!

  4. Sabrina S.

    Hi Ruth,Thank you for your comment on my blog. I really loved the story of your grandma and the postcards. Beautiful jewelry…Cheers from France. Have a nice weekend!

  5. NanaDiana

    What a nice post. I feel like I get to know you better every tie I come here. I have loved your Alask stories, too. Congrats on the new grandchild coming soon! xo Diana

  6. Lori

    Thanks for hopping by and visiting my blog. You've had a beautiful week — congratulations on the 4th grandchild that is on the way!


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