April Scavenger Hunt

Doing the scavenger hunt Postcards from the P.P. for this month.

can’t live without
on the move – flying
spring trees
multi-coloured sandwich
indulgence – dark chocolate

17 thoughts on “April Scavenger Hunt

  1. Glo

    Super choices ~ lovevly to see a waterfall spilling over the rocks, a perfect in/out sign, very sweet smile…love the sticky honey jar, and your tangle…beautiful blossoms etc. Enjoyed it all.

  2. Alex

    Yay for a fellow book lover! Honestly, I don't know how people could live without them.The multi coloured sandwich could be in the amazing category – so fun!

  3. Anne

    Hi Ruth, thank you for the comment you left over on my post! I find genealogy very addictive and spend hours just flicking about from one screen to another on the internet.My cousin did her research years before many households had computers so I take my hat off to her, it must have been difficult.I try and visit as many places that my ancestors came from just so I can feel I am walking in their footsteps and sometimes you can pick up valuable information by doing so.I am still amazed I live so close to where some of your family came from.How easy have you found it finding Polish family? Have you put your family tree on ancestry as I have? I thought long and hard about whether to or not but then thought the only people who would be interested and therefore looking at it would be family (albeit distant) anyway.I have gained information from two other distant ancestors that I am in touch with via Ancestry and likewise some other family members have gained information from me.

  4. Down by the sea

    What a lovely selection of photos. I particularly like your in and out and moving. Looking through everyone photos there are so many things that could have been included in can't live without, I would hate having no books to read like you.Sarah

  5. Sandra

    Nice set of photos – love your tangle and smile! Not sure about the multicoloured bread – something slightly disconcerting about it!

  6. Kezzie

    Oooh, I just read your profile! Wow, folk dancing? What type? I learnt some regency-style quadrilles with some members from the Quadrille club and I loved it immensly!!


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