Night or Day?

Far to the north of Fairbanks (160 miles)
is Circle, Alaska. Even
though they were
building the pipeline
at the time, no one was
allowed on that road so Circle was
the end of the line!
Circle is next to the Yukon
River and when I was
there, it was not much of a
settlement. I drove there
in one day and waited
for the sun to go down
before I went to asleep.
The farther north you go,
in mid summer, the less
night time. I finally gave up
at 2 AM because it was
not going to get dark.

 Circle, Alaska

Morning person I am not
so when I started waking up
at 4 AM every morning, I was
not happy.


What is the deal anyway?
Programmed from somewhere in
our complicated brains is a signal that when
light comes flooding through a window, 
it is time to wake up. 
I finally had to black out
my windows so that I
could sleep because
in summer, the sun
came up at 3 AM
and went down at 1 AM
the next day.

At one point in the winter
I arose in the dark and
it was still dark at 9 AM
but the odd darkness
came at 5 PM – pitch
black – that was the middle
of winter.

Alaskan Moose

It is true that they play
baseball at midnight in


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