I Haven’t Won in 20 Years

Today I received a gift from
She has a delightful personality and
I highly recommend that if
you pop over to her blog,
you will find her amazing.

I had been pulling weeds
and putting down mulch in
front of my house and had
dragged my heavy butt
into the house for a
drink of water. When I
came back out through
the garage, sitting on
my patio table were two
packages. I took a second glance,
 it surprised me so.
Someone had sent me
packages and the mail
lady left them in my
garage on the table. 

Diana sent me such a cute
little plate dedicated to 
Mother’s Day of 1980,
the year my son Tobin was

She also included a couple
of treats of Andes Creme
De Menthes, those mouth-
watering chocolate mints.

This beautiful card was enclosed
with a special Happy Mother’s
Day wish.  


5 thoughts on “I Haven’t Won in 20 Years

  1. NanaDiana

    Wow- That got there quick, Ruth! I am SOOOO happy you got one of those plates. If that little hanger thing is still on the back of yours I would cut it off and not use it. I think it is probably weakened with age. I tried to remember to remove them as I packaged them up. Love to you- xo Diana

  2. Paulette

    It must be your week to get packages in the mail. Your friend sounds like a lovely person. When I get home I'll have to check out her blog. I am now in Honolulu, this is the last leg of my trip.

  3. NanaDiana

    By the way- Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog today. I wish I could help you figure out how to get your email to show up-maybe one day I will figure it out. I agree with you- I laugh, cry, pray, smile..reading the blogs I follow. What a blessing blogging has been to me. xo Diana


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