Daughters of the Utah Pioneers (DUP)

From the first class reporter of
the Dry Creek DUP Camp, today’s
meeting and luncheon was a

For all you fanatical quilters, this
one is for you.  Can you believe that
quilting goes back to the 11th century
and was brought to Europe in the 12th

Pattern from a pioneer quilt.

A sampler

Modern theme of Alice in wonderland

Monthly flag done by her daughter

DUP Museum

Carved Hall Tree from 1859

Brigham Young’s Octagonal Desk

Sorry about the photo of the desk –
got too close, I think!
It is a four-person pine desk painted
to look like black walnut which included
cubby holes and leather writing
pads in all four positions;
easily seated four chairs and people.

There was also a picture of a table
that had 100,000 inlaid pieces of wood
of 248 variety of trees. These pioneer furniture
pieces are found at the DUP Museum
in Salt Lake City, Utah.



One lady wrote in her journal as they were
crossing the plains, “the oxen moved so
slowly that we could walk down the
back steps of the wagon and right off
the wagon with no problem.”

She had been diagnosed with TB
 and was in poor health 
but traveling across the dusty
hot, dry climate of the plains cured
her and she lived well into her 90s.

They had two wagons and all of her
worldly possession were in one along
with the $100 she spent on bolts of cloth, and 
sewing supplies for you see she was a
quilter.  The other wagon had a bed
and a chair of which she could lie
down if needed or sit for a spell.


4 thoughts on “Daughters of the Utah Pioneers (DUP)

  1. NanaDiana

    Wow- Love the history here. Can you believe how beautiful those quilts are? I LOVE that flag one! How interesting about the lady with TB. God certainly took care of her. xo Diana


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