Bliss List – Bitter Sweet

I like to connect to Liv Lane’s Little Bliss List Party on Fridays. 

1. This gorgeous lush rose bush is in full
magnificent bloom.  When I look at
the red and faint yellow 
rose from North Carolina, 
I think about my sweet
cousin Mary Suchanski who sent
me a gift card to purchase the
rose of my choice some 16 years ago.
She is gone now; she battled breast
cancer and lost.

This rose bush grows taller
than me but I like it tall and in your face,
 not short and trimmed to perfection.
My cats adore it too for they hide
under it so they can spy 
on the neighborhood without
being seen.

2. In September it will be 17 years
when I moved to this quaint small town
which by the way has grown in leaps
and bounds. People now out number
the horses in my neighborhood. 

planted three Quaking Aspen trees
in front of the sidewalk.  I loved those
trees. They had tiny little leaves that
quaked when the wind blew. In the fall the
leaves blew down the street and into
the gully where no one lives so
I never had to rake leaves.

As they grew, they actually shaded
part of my grass in the blazing hot
dry summer sun.  But they grew so
much bigger than I thought they
would and then to my utter horror,
they began to grow little shoots
in my front lawn growing from
underneath the sidewalk.

I cut the Aspens down this year, poured
poison on them twice but to no
avail, I still have an entire forest
of one to two inch little trees growing
in my front year.

3.  I love the purple iris; they remind me of
my grandmother Clarissa who loved to
garden and who had the most beautiful
garden in Elba.  

My brother circa 1943 – a cute little stinker!

4. I chatted with my brother
yesterday on my cell phone; he reminisced
about pulling weeds (which I also remember and hated)
in grandma’s vegetable garden 
and said that he inherited the tic
for gardening from our grandparents for
my grandfather loved gardening.  It is the
number one hobby in America and he
intends to garden in his retirement.  
I chose the number 2
hobby in America – genealogy.

8 thoughts on “Bliss List – Bitter Sweet


    Great list Ruth! Gorgeous flowers and growth all around – perfect for bliss 🙂 And your brother sure did look like a cute lil' stinker! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Paulette

    Beautiful flowers and such a nice way to remember Mary. Fred certainly was a cutie, love the tilt of his head. I can see Richard when I look at the photo.

  3. Jo

    What a gorgeous rose, and the perfect way to remember your cousin. Cute photo of your brother, we'd call him a little bruiser here. I love iris's. They remind me of my grandma too, she always had them in her garden and used to cut them for the house.

  4. Anne

    Lovely post Ruth, I'm just catching up with my blog reading after being away on holiday for a week.Gardening and genealogy are my two favourite hobbies too. Hope you are ok and thank you for wishing me a happy mothers day! I hope you had a good one too. We celebrate our mothers day in March usually, I didnt realise we had different dates!

  5. Shopgirl

    My Mother loved red Roses, I would send her a plant on Mother's day each year until she had her very own garden. This is a beautiful Rose and your brother is adorable. MY husband is our vegetable garden guy. Since is ribs are not yet healed, we are not planting this year. But our daughter said she would share…we love to make Salsa for the winter months. I can use it in so many things. Have a wonderful week, Mary


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