Alaskan Jewels

My precious jewels
from Alaska are now vintage
and cherished possessions:
Alaskan Gold Days

Almost every piece has Alaskan gold. Each piece of
ivory in the bracelet has a tiny gold nuget in the 
center of the flower. 

This lovely gold and ivory brooch by Sorrento had two
earrings that matched. I’ve lost one of
the earrings so what do you do with
one earring? I can’t bear to throw the
other out.

I don’t remember what these fellows
are called by the natives of Alaska
but they are still cute and made from real ivory
carved from walrus tusks as are my other pieces.

3 thoughts on “Alaskan Jewels

  1. NanaDiana

    What wonderful, wonderful pieces. I wonder if you couldn't have a small "pin" welded on the back of the earring to make it into a pin? xo Diana


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