Unblissful Month

Today I am connecting to Liv Lane’s Little Bliss List.

1. I am grateful to her for helping us all remember to be thankful even for the hard times in our lives.

2. I am grateful that my daughter had to pick up both R and S
from school this week just before a lockdown in the elementary
schools where they attend. My towhead grandson hurt his foot – he is the official daring kid who is always getting hurt. My granddaughter had a URI and was sent home. Little N had just fallen fallen asleep 10 minutes earlier before the calls from the schools and of course it woke her up to get put in the van. It scared me to think that there were guns in the area.

3. I live in an area that has very little crime compared to what is
happening in large cities and I am blessed that I don’t have to worry about always locking my doors. It reminds me of when I was a teenager – we never locked our doors.

4. Blogging about the early years that I lived in Alaska has brought some very fond and fun memories back to me which I have not pondered about in years.

5. I found my earrings that I thought I had lost. I had just made them last week and I had hung them on an earring tree (I am too organized!). I spent almost an hour looking everywhere and thinking and looking and thinking……  Later in the day, I looked over and there they were.
The tear drop is an emerald green while the
surrounding Austrian crystals are a new
color of burgundy blue.

6. I am ready for warm steady weather without all the yo yoing. This morning it was 60 degrees and blustery; now it has calmed down and the weatherman who is sometimes and sometimes wrong is saying it will continue to blow but will warm to 80.

9 thoughts on “Unblissful Month

  1. Paulette

    Glad everything turned out well for Darla and the children, scary stuff going on in this world. We all wish for warm weather when it's cold and complain when it's too hot. Have a great weekend.

  2. Snap

    The world can be a frightening place. I went to school with a guy who couldn't walk across the street without stubbing his toe! He was constantly on the move and an athlete! Your jewelry is lovely. Wishing you another Bliss filled week!

  3. Tori Beveridge

    I found you through the Little Bliss List. I'm glad everything turned out well for your daugher and her children.. things like that remind us to cherish all the little moments.

  4. Anne

    Hi Ruth, I am so glad we dont have such a gun problem over here.I must admit guns are still illegal over here unless you have a licence.It is becoming more of a problem in big cities like London and Manchester in certain areas but we dont hear that much about it and for that I am thankful.We all have so much to be thankful for every day when you think about it.

  5. NanaDiana

    What great things to be thankful for! It is easy to forget sometimes that we have MUCH to be thankful for. Glad everything went well for your daughter and her children. Blessingspxo Diana

  6. Lori

    You have so much to be thankful for so glad that everything turned out well for your family. I hope you have an even more blissful week this coming week.

  7. Terrie Purkey

    Thanks for your visit from bliss week – a postcard swap is when a group of bloggers gets together and swaps addresses then sends their swap partner(s) a handmade postcard. Each one is a little different, but basically it's a way to connect with others, get some lovely snail mail and be artistic. It's great fun. You make lovely jewelry.


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