Full Strawberry Moon

May’s super moon did a number on me – gave me a migraine for three days.

I check out the full moon schedule so I know when to double my migraine maintenance medicine and learned something new.  Did you know that every month,  the full moon has a new name? For instance, upcoming in June is the strawberry moon; in Europe, they call it the Rose Moon.

This is because strawberries come out in June.

Yes, the full moon does cause hellish migraines for me or at least 11 months out of the year, they do. The pull of the moon in May was excruciating.

And of course, who hasn’t heard of the blue moon? Blue moon of Kentucky keep on risin – a little Elvis. Now that type of moon is soothing.


5 thoughts on “Full Strawberry Moon

  1. Ginny

    I take a pictures of the moon every month and post them, it is fun!!! I am sorry the moon gives you migraines, the full moon seems to cause all kinds of ailments, I know several friends who it affects. I guess it's the pull or something. Your moon shots are GORGEOUS!!! One thing I have never been able to convey in my photos is the size of it, and you do that so well. It is big and beautiful!!!

  2. Jan

    Sorry to hear that you have to contend with migraines. They are a terrible afliction. Hope that you're feeling Ok at the moment. Jx

  3. Jo

    Sorry to hear about the migrane, hope you're feeling better again now. The moon seems to be responsible for so many things.


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