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Strange Blog

I came across a very strange blog which is called “Ruthie in the Sky” and of course, that reminded me of one of the Beattle’s songs. Needless to say, this person who says that she is a female but is rather harsh looking because she travels across the country carrying her laptop in a backpack and goes from one town to another looking for handouts like a night in a motel for free.  She is living off the land so to speak but on the good graces of other people.

She just happened to be stuck in Weiser, Idaho and was heading for Riggins and then on to Grangeville. In her opinion, Riggins was the creepiest town in Idaho. 

In my opinion, Riggins is a very friendly tiny town. People always speak and say hello – I had forgotten just how friendly Idahoans are until this last trip through Riggins. 
Salmon River in Riggins


Man Panning for Gold  

Riggins, Idaho

I haven’t the foggiest idea how Riggins got its name. Guessing, I would say that it was from rigs carrying trees to the saw mills in Lewiston or Cascade.  Riggins is nestled deep in a canyon where the Salmon River and the Little Salmon River meet. It is about 150 north of Boise and is the only road traveling north into the panhandle of Idaho.

This photo shows the eastward mountain.

To me in my early 20s, Riggins was just a rodeo town with three bars and one grocery store. I am totally amazed that it has grown to a large population of 400.  You say 400 is not large, well it is when 30 years ago, it was a mere 100.

Salmon bench

Magic Valley

It used to take us 8 hours to drive from Salt Lake City, Utah to Boise, Idaho.  The speed limit was 55 miles per hour and we had to stop at least three times to gas up – usually in Snowville, Burley and sometimes Bliss. There is only one freeway between SLC and Boise – can’t get lost even if you tried!

I blew by Snowville and made it to Idaho without having to stop. The speed limit is now 75 miles per hour and I get better gas mileage so that I made it to Boise without having to stop for gas even once.  Burley snuck by me so I stopped in Twin Falls and had lunch. This area is called Magic Valley because two dams were built around 1900 turning uninhabitable areas into magical farm lands.

Found this in my mother’s album – would have just tossed it except that I noticed that it was in the Elba History book which told me who all these people are plus my grandfather J. Roy was the director – the one of the left on the table.

I won’t be blogging for about 5 days – going to a funeral up north in Idaho.

A postcard that I never sent, from the trip to Mt. Rushmore in 1999 before my daughter left for her mission to Ireland, and this postcard became a keep sake of memories. 

Power Outage Already

It is not even summer yet and we had two power outages yesterday.  I did not even have my central air conditioning on but some neighbors did but, however, what’s the deal?  Sometimes, I think that the little town I live in does not keep up with all the new homes all that have central air. They have their own power station and do not use the State of Utah’s power. That’s my two cents for the day!

I bought this gorgeous mystic green quartz months ago and it has taken me this long to create these earrings.  I sent for matte sterling silver stars or little star flowers from Canada and added my little chain effect. So here are my 10 kt each earrings:

Now I just need to find a bail that I can use to blend in with the star sterling silver for a necklace.  Still looking.