Scavenger Hunt for May

I must be losing my marbles; for the life of me, I could not find the scavenger list for May but I finally found one from Rosie at Corners of my Mind.  I thoroughly enjoy her blog. I am joining in with the scavenger hunt on Postcards from the P. P. – Kathy is one of the best!

1. Good Things

The cup was made of chocolate holding mixed berries and a drizzle of Godiva chocolate across the middle. Devine – that’s all I can say. My picture blurred but nonetheless, it was just the right desert for Memorial Day.

2. Small Packages

Small packages of tea.

3. Fragrance

My North Carolina rose in full bloom but I’ll be darned if I can remember the name – after all it was 17 years ago that I planted it.

4. Station

A station in life of becoming a grandmother; grandmother C holding her first grandchild (definitely not me).

5. Nose

Proud nose.

6. Front Page

Angel Moroni blowing his horn on the front page of the Ensign magazine.

7. Nine

8. Beverage

I thought of taking a photo of my cobalt blue glasses holding a beverage but then I thought, Silk.  This is my favorite drink besides water.

9. Currency

Money used in Kirtland, Ohio in 1837. The lower bill has Joseph Smith, Jr. (the Prophet) and Sidney Rigdon’s signatures. This bank failed and many people left the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (nicknamed the Mormons). 

10. Historic

Historic Salt Lake City Temple and the Congregational Church meeting building on Temple Square with an ice skater in the background draped over a skyscraper during the 2002 Winter Olympics.

11.  Yellow

Every time I look at him, I just smile. He helps me in photographing my jewelry.

12. Do you see what I see

A store front in the new City Creek Center in downtown Salt Lake City.


17 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt for May

  1. Rosie

    Glad you were able to find the list, Ruth:) You've taken some great photos – love your take on station and your historic and currency photos are fascinating – like nose too:)

  2. Eileen

    A great set of photos. I especiaaly like your take on 'station' – very good.Have you done a post on how you managed to trace your grandfather even though he changed his name? I think I may have the same problem.

  3. NanaDiana

    What a fun thing to do. I must have missed seeing this out in blogland before. What a great idea to go on an Internet scavenger hunt- xo Diana

  4. Ginny

    You did well on this challenge! I love your cute little yellow kitty and the pug dog. My husband puts Silk on his milk every morning. Are you a Mormon? Lovely picture of the Temple!

  5. Down by the sea

    Hi Ruth,I really enjoyed looking at your selection of photos this month. The shop front is amazing and I liked the one of station in life.I noticed from the top of your blog that you have found your grandfather after 40 years. Congratulations to you it must have been wonderful to make the break through!Sarah x

  6. Posie

    Herlo derr, niyce to meet yoo! Fanks fur sayin niyce fings abowt ma nosey n toungge! heehee! Mummy says to ask if yoo mayke yoor own eerings?! Eef so, is that them on Etsy in da siydebarr? She says to sa theyr byootifull!! Love n likkers, pdorg xox

  7. Posie

    Hi, its Posie's mum here, we got all excited about your pretty earrings n forgot to mention your photos! haha! They are lovely, very clever!! We're following your blog now as I'm in to photography and jewellery making and post on Posie's blog from time to time! Posie's mum x

  8. Holty

    Thanks for the comment. I love your station pics and the way it provides an insight in to your family history

  9. Kezzie

    Hello Ruth! Nice to visit again! Your shots are brilliant and your currency shot is very impressive! I loved the bit of history with it too! The station was a lovely idea! I enjoyed this hunt!


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