City Creek Center in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City demolished most of the sky scraper buildings that covered two city blocks and created one of the most unsurpassed and beautiful shopping areas that I have ever seen in a large city. A natural creek ran underneath the buildings and streets, now it meanders right through the middle of the shopping areas.

Looking at the section where a retractable glass roof is open during warm days.

My friend Carrie and I drove into the city to see the new City Creek Center.  We had lunch at the Red Iguana a famous Mexican Restaurant.  Chicken enchilada was our choice with an interesting strawberry mole. As a food critic, the mole was okay but I don’t think it would become one of my favorites.  Other than that, the food was delicious.

Next we visited the Godiva store with our mouths just salivating over all the one-of-a-kind chocolates.  We had drizzled chocolate over berries in a cup made from chocolate similar to the photo above only it has no drizzle. I, of course, chose the dark chocolate while Carrie went for the milk chocolate. 

This store front was all mirrors.

The top of a man made waterfall.

City Creek – I actually saw a small trout swimming in it.

A large outdoor fireplace with surrounding seats for sitting and relaxing during a cool evening.

Looking at Temple Square on the skybridge that crosses over Main Street. Notice the old looking clock in the middle of the street.

The second block was just as beautiful with four fountains and it also has the retractable glass roof.
Two of the fountains.


6 thoughts on “City Creek Center in Salt Lake City

  1. Paulette

    What an adventure someone could have while shopping, relaxing by a fireplace during a cool evening, watching fish swim in the stream, waterfalls, fountains, and a roof that opens and closes. Sounds like my kind of place. Fun, fun, and fun.

  2. Anne

    It looks beautiful Ruth and how imaginative of the architects to make a lovely feature of the creek rather than try and build over it.Far nicer than sky scrapers any day.What a fantastic city you live in, please keep the photos coming Ruth, I love to see them.

  3. NanaDiana

    That is just a beautiful place, Ruth! Absolutely gorgeous pictures. It sounds like you had a wonderful time and I LOVE that Godiva building! xo Diana

  4. Ginny

    This is just a gorgeous place! And you could get both your shopping and nature loving done both at once. I love the glass fronted Godiva shop!!! We have a Lindt shop here, but no Godiva.


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