June’s Little Bliss List

I am connecting to Liv Lane’s Little Bliss list.

Bliss is having a new month – June for calmer weather and less migraines.

Bliss is mother earth giving us the glorious flowers and greenery in our lives.

Bliss is having neighbors who are always there to lend a helping hand.

Bliss is having planners who remolded two city blocks in downtown Salt Lake City and brought in stores like Swarovski and Tiffanys.

Bliss is having a new granddaughter to love – coming August 8.

Swarovski Store

Bliss is having a closer connection with my father’s side of the family.

Swarovski Chandelier

8 thoughts on “June’s Little Bliss List

  1. Ginny

    The Swarovski is gorgeous!!! A beautiful pink chandelier. And what are those beautiful blue flowers? I love the hummingbirds. How exciting about the baby. How many grandchildren do you have now and do they live close by so you can see them often?


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