Chihuly 2002

Many people who came to the Chihuly Exhibit laid on the floor to look at this glass section including my daughter.

My daughter is photogenic no matter what pose she is in but my friend Arlene would shoot me if she saw this one but she doesn’t read my blog so it doesn’t matter.

The atmosphere was rather dark so that each piece was highlighted by light to give a distinct impression with shadows.

I found all of the pieces fascinating. What a wonderful imagination Mr. Chihuly has.

Two stingrays are atop this fabulous vase.

The gigantic glassed ceiling was a sight to behold.  I was so fortunate that my friends from Alaska gave us free tickets to this wonderful form of art.


5 thoughts on “Chihuly 2002

  1. Ginny

    Wow, this is just beautiful!! A real treat for these old eyes to take in. I would have loved to go! Where is it, and is it only a temporary exhibit? I could not go, but just am curious. I think my favorite is the two sting rays.

  2. Paulette

    When I'm in Las Vegas I alway stop by the Bellagio hotel/casino to view the wonder ceiling in the lobby by Chihuly. Wonderful photos of his work.


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