Power Outage Already

It is not even summer yet and we had two power outages yesterday.  I did not even have my central air conditioning on but some neighbors did but, however, what’s the deal?  Sometimes, I think that the little town I live in does not keep up with all the new homes all that have central air. They have their own power station and do not use the State of Utah’s power. That’s my two cents for the day!

I bought this gorgeous mystic green quartz months ago and it has taken me this long to create these earrings.  I sent for matte sterling silver stars or little star flowers from Canada and added my little chain effect. So here are my 10 kt each earrings:

Now I just need to find a bail that I can use to blend in with the star sterling silver for a necklace.  Still looking.


2 thoughts on “Power Outage Already

  1. Paulette

    Very pretty earrings. Power outages during hot weather is annoying. Wisconsin is having a heat wave, 90's all this week, but the wind is blowing like crazy.

  2. Ginny

    Your jewelery is beautiful!!!! I love everything about it, especially the color and shape. We lose our power sometimes in a storm, and at times when there is not a storm either. Seems the transformers go out.


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