Riggins, Idaho

I haven’t the foggiest idea how Riggins got its name. Guessing, I would say that it was from rigs carrying trees to the saw mills in Lewiston or Cascade.  Riggins is nestled deep in a canyon where the Salmon River and the Little Salmon River meet. It is about 150 north of Boise and is the only road traveling north into the panhandle of Idaho.

This photo shows the eastward mountain.

To me in my early 20s, Riggins was just a rodeo town with three bars and one grocery store. I am totally amazed that it has grown to a large population of 400.  You say 400 is not large, well it is when 30 years ago, it was a mere 100.

Salmon bench


5 thoughts on “Riggins, Idaho

  1. Susan

    Hi Ruth…Don't you just love little podunk towns? I love to visit them and see if there's something in them that would peak my interest. Thanks for your visit and comment to my blog, too! Susan

  2. @NCentralIdaho

    It's believed that the town in named to honor Dick Riggins who, in1901, applied to the U.S. Government for an official post office for the community. Now you know 🙂


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