Strange Blog

I came across a very strange blog which is called “Ruthie in the Sky” and of course, that reminded me of one of the Beattle’s songs. Needless to say, this person who says that she is a female but is rather harsh looking because she travels across the country carrying her laptop in a backpack and goes from one town to another looking for handouts like a night in a motel for free.  She is living off the land so to speak but on the good graces of other people.

She just happened to be stuck in Weiser, Idaho and was heading for Riggins and then on to Grangeville. In her opinion, Riggins was the creepiest town in Idaho. 

In my opinion, Riggins is a very friendly tiny town. People always speak and say hello – I had forgotten just how friendly Idahoans are until this last trip through Riggins. 
Salmon River in Riggins


Man Panning for Gold  

7 thoughts on “Strange Blog

  1. Paulette

    I just popped over to Ruthie in the Sky to read her posts. I must say she is living her dream, homeless, socially conscious, and appears to have some sort of income. Thanks for pointing it out, I almost left a comment but for some reason didn't. The town of Riggins sure does like wood carvings.

  2. Ginny

    Well, I guess it all in one's perspective. Is she doing this because she is poor? Or just likes the lifestyle? Must be a nomad at heart. Love these big wood carvings!

  3. Shopgirl

    I have friends that own a home in Riggins. I haven't been there, but they seem to love it and have talked about moving there to stay someday. I love small towns. When I loved to Idaho, Nampa was a small town to me, but it grew up fast. Big Hugs, Mary


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