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Saturday afternoon I meandered out to the mailbox to see if I received any mail other than monthly bills and to my surprise, there was a teal blue package. I thought to myself, I don’t remember ordering anything because that is when I usually get a package. I take a closer look and see this giant stamp with the Queen on it and I knew, it was from England. 

A big thank you to my friend Anne who has such a fascinating blog called Marmalade and Catmint.  She is a dear sweet person who knew I was doing some genealogical research in the village of  Lofthouse for my cousin Al who lives in Calgary, Canada. She sent me a unique tea towel with pictures of historic buildings in Lofthouse. 

It is such a large tea towel that I could not get a complete photo of the whole cloth. Thanks again Anne. What wonderful photos of the historic buildings, I love it!

I had a special order last week for a necklace to match the bracelet that I had sold to Carol, a friend of mine from our swimming class.
Pink agate on silver became my latest project and she loved it. What do you think for my first wired necklace?


Last Bliss in July

On Friday I like to connect with Liv Lane’s Little Bliss list so here’s mine for the week.

1. Tis blissful to think about the past. I couldn’t resist taking this photo of past designs. The poodle makes me think of the poodle skirts back in the 50s – although I never owned one but I did wear my hair in a pony tail. The swinger with the red beads and hat – that is how I felt in the 60’s although I never owned a red hat. I always wanted a fancy hat but no one wore them here. They were a luxury item and we were poor. They did wear them in New York and San Francisco but I lived hundreds of miles from those places.

I can just see myself in a black chemise with long white pearls and white gloves that came above the elbows and black pointy-toed heels. I wore heels everywhere except with pants (trousers for the Brits). Back in the 60s, there were dressing rules.  With short sleeves, you wore long gloves; with long sleeves, you wore little kid gloves. Your shoes should match your dress – never wear red heels with a black dress.

2. Tis blissful to see our American Flag but this last week, it flew half mast for those killed in a movie theatre in Colorado. No breeze that day to make the flag flow – God knew that we as American’s were hurting. My Canadian cousin thinks that the American Dream is dead and we are falling apart in our country.  In some respects that seems true but I don’t think the American Dream is dead. I think we can come out of this era with changes to make our country better and our heal wounds.

3. Tis blissful to see such beautiful white fluffy clouds in the sky. Mother nature at her best – we have the good with the bad otherwise we would never appreciate the good.

4. Tis blissful to enjoy a day with a friend. On the 24th I had lunch out with my friend Shirley who recently had neck surgery. She is still unable to drive so I picked her up and off we went. After our lunch, I drove up American Fork Canyon into the tops of the rockies. We are blessed that the fire did not go in that direction and burn down the abundance of trees that grow there.

Days of 47 Parade

Flags are flying, people are off work and today is the largest parade in Utah. We are celebrating the Pioneers who crossed the plains – most of them on foot, a few riding horses and some who drove the wagons. The only people who do not get a holiday off are the Federal Government workers.

One of my youngest pioneers who came early to the valley of Salt Lake was Henry Eames at the young age of 18. He left his home at Garway Hill, Herefordshire, England sailing across the Atlantic ocean in 1851 on the ship Olympus. He met up with his sister Mary Ann and brother-in-law John Carver at St. Louis, Missouri. They crossed the plains in 1854 to Utah. Henry married Emma Beecroft from Kingston Upon Hull, England. She came to Utah with her parents. Henry died at a very young age of 40 leaving 7 children but only 4 survived childhood.

Henry Eames

Alonzo Knight the youngest son of 10 children of Stephen and Polly Knight lived in Marlow, New Hampshire. His father died when Alonzo was 10. He and his mother Polly Pierce Knight left their home in 1849; they crossed the plains in 1850. 

Alonzo was short one month being 91 at his death in 1921.

 Polly married a second husband Rufus Forbush in Utah. She is one of my older pioneers. She died being a widow twice at age 88 in 1876.

Zoo Bus

We have a city bus here and there driving through the streets of Salt Lake City with art on the rear or down the sides like this one but not like this one. This one really makes you stand up and take flight in the other direction.  I don’t know about you but I would not even want to get near this one. This artist is very talented but ewe.

July 20 Twas Blissful

I like to connect to Liv Lane’s Little Bliss party on Friday.

1. Twas blissful to actually go through Friday the 13th without thinking much about it and it was an exciting Friday.  Some of my friends at the pool put in special orders for jewelry so I’ve been busy creating new looks.

2. Tis blissful to see my new solar lights at night.  They sit closer to the ground and fan out threads of light in all directions like little fingers caressing the ground.

Solar lights with little frogs on the side gazing up into the sun filled brilliantly blue skys of Utah.

3.  Twas blissful to have some cooler weather blow in from the west for a week. Usually, July is the driest month in Utah but this year, we actually had a couple of rain storms.

4.  Tis blissful and sweet to celebration two July holidays in Utah – first and most important is the 4th of July to celebrate being a free American; 2nd – we celebrate Pioneer Day on July 24 which is a State holiday. Twas the 24th when the first pioneers came to the Salt Lake Valley in 1847. There was a full re-inactment of the pioneer trek with 100 wagons in 1996 who left Nauvoo and made to the Salt Lake Valley. This year only 3 out of 20 wagons are left for the trek – many dropped out.  It is a very hot long trek.

To see a news cast and shot of the wagons, go to KSL news.

This lady really wanted her knees to show. What do you think? Maybe, it’s the latest style with a jig and a jag and peekaboo knees. I wonder what the back looks like.

I’d like to show off my latest creation of earrings.  I am so enamored by them that I’ve seriously thought of not selling them at my Etsy shop.  This is the link to my shop: Dian’s Earrings

Come take a peek.  It costs nothing to just look.