Scavenger Hunt for June 2012


Babe is snoring again
on the edge

Roses not only on the edge but growing over the side. If you look closely, you can see a dog on the left inside the fence.  He didn’t get too excited about me taking a photo of his place.

before – Lehi Roller Mills on Main Road

after -On Main Street

They have the most fresh and best flour and grains in town.




Do you see the 2nd flag toward the mountain both
standing at attention on this day.

out of reach

Angel Moroni atop the new temple in Twin Falls, Idaho.


at night – quarter moon


My favorite marquee diamond ring.

The Polish Eagle wears a crown

bunting necklace

Saw this one on Etsy.

Our majestic rocky mountains.

I’ll be joining Kathy from Postcards from P.P. as soon as she gets her June list up.


12 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt for June 2012

  1. Louise

    Great set of photos. I hoped to do a before and after like yours, then and now views, but didn't organise myself in time! I love your majestic view of the Rockies and your marquise cut diamond – I did a very similar photo for that one!

  2. Susan

    Hi Ruth..Your mountains remind me of those in Arizona. The landscape, too. Thanks for your visit to my blog and your comment, too. Happy FOURTH! Susan

  3. Rosie

    Love your photos! Babe is gorgeous and I love 'before' and 'after' also 'symetry' and 'out of reach'. I didn't get around to joining in this month but I've enjoyed looking at everyone's photos:)


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