Finally a Blissful Week

I love to connect to Liv Lane’s Little Bliss List on Friday to remember the good things in my life.

1. McCall, Idaho 

McCall Lake is one of those lakes that 
dreams are made of where you sail off
into the blue and see deer through the
pines and large lake trout jumping
at the flying critters. 
If you look to the right, Vic was holding
his waffle cone that held at least half of
a half gallon of ice cream.  I had one 
giant scoop of lemon with a gigantic scoop
of blueberry cheesecake
ice cream. There was so much I could
not finish it and let me tell you, there
was not one ounce of diet anything in these
cones.  They were the real McCoy. The little
ice cream shop is well hidden behind 
stores on the main street. To get there you
have to drive into an alley to see the front
of the store. It seems to be a hidden secret
for locals but word spreads.

I have two visual memories of McCall from
my past – driving 100 miles per hour in a
1968 Corvette toward McCall – thrilling
me to the bone because it was my favorite
car and I’d never driven that fast ever.

The other glimpse from the past was me 
driving to McCall in the winter and the
road was like a tunnel with snow packed
over 6 foot tall on both sides of the road.
McCall is famous for skiing – a total
resort town.

2. Big brother helping baby sister with her

August is getting closer and I’ll be in California
again.  Can’t wait!

3. Our Blessed Free Country

I love that I am free to choose.
I can worship as I please, 
I can get in my car an drive where I please,
 I can eat or not eat as I please,
I can shop or not where I please.
I can read or write what I please,
The list goes on and on.  
We Americans are truly blessed.


12 thoughts on “Finally a Blissful Week

  1. NanaDiana

    What a wonderful post full of wonderful memories. That is a gorgeous lake~ I had a 1967 Corvette! Rag top-white-with a baby blue interior. I LOVED that car.Love the picture of big bro helping little sis with her shoes. How sweet is that!?! Blessings-Hope you have a wonderful day.

  2. Shopgirl

    Love the pictures. McCall holds so many great times for our family. Our church camp is over on West Mountain on Cascade Lake. I was a camp conselor for many years and Mcall was apart of the adventure. And I do know where that ice cream came from…yummmmie! We are going up in a couple of weeks. Our home away from home…Have a great trip to California. I was born in Ole California, moved to Idaho when my kids were small. Big Hugs, Mary

  3. Snap

    Beautiful post. Love the lake and the memories … all the ice cream (mouth watering) and most of all big brother helping baby sister!


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