A Little More Bliss In July

It may be hot but I’m liking July much
better than May and June. Less migraines.
I like to connect to Liv Lane’s Little Bliss List on Fridays.

1. Had a delightful girl’s day out with my friend Ann. We dined at Rib City in American Fork and smacked our lips at every bite
of those killer ribs.

2. Every morning after my beeline for the bathroom, I let my younger cat Abby outside for her morning inspection.  Next, I
head to my computer to devour blogs. While I am writing comments, I feel two little paws from Babe and a loud purr. He thinks that when I am at my computer that it is his time for grooming. I grab his brush and give him a ten times over – get him all prettied up for the day. Plus a head scratch or two and a back rub. He bats his baby blue eyes at me as he leaves to take another nap.

3. I am getting a nice little tan from swimming in the
outdoor town pool for my water aerobics class.  It
is so much fun to swim outside in the morning and
look at the gorgeous view of our rocky mountains.

4. Love the flowers that are blooming in my yard – they 
give me a blissful moment whenever I look at them.
My neighbor behind me always plants lots of flowers
and I enjoy their flowers too because we have no fences
between us.


10 thoughts on “A Little More Bliss In July

  1. June

    Wish we had some sun over here in Blighty – grey skies and rain all day. It stopped raining for a while and the OH said he was going to take the dogs out and did I fancy coming too. I declined saying it was going to rain. He disagreed. He's just arrived back home looking like a drowned rat! Our cat, Milhaus, sits on the desk when I'm at the computer and tries to grab my attention by putting his paws on the keypad sending the computer into a frenzy of dots and dashes!Oh, to be able to use an outdoor pool!Have a great weekend.June

  2. Anne

    Hi Ruth, I have bought something I would like to send you from our local car boot sale, its a tea towel with lots of pictures of old Lofthouse buildings on it.Some of them would have been around from your ancestors time.I think you would like it!! Please could you email me your home address at my email calam711@yahoo.co.uk Love Anne

  3. NanaDiana

    Ruth- What a nice post. I love your kitty! It is so nice that you are swimming and getting a tan while enjoying the mountains- I'd say that is a Three-For-One deal there! Blessings and Happy Saturday- xo Diana

  4. Shopgirl

    I have loads of white stonewear and I needed some color. The blue sounds great. I still have some spending to do, so we will see what I find. My little Maltese loves his hair brushed. I take him to the groomers about every 6 weeks for a bath and haircut. He is all white, and loves to get out and get dirty. Loves to run in the sprinklers. He had his first Birthday may 1st…this is his really fun summer. Your cat is beautiful. Our Baxter died this past fall. He is missed. I love coming to your blog Ruth, you are a sweet friend, Mary

  5. Jo

    Archie hates being groomed, he went to the dog groomers last week to have a bit of a trim as his fur gets so long. It sounds wonderful being able to swim outside with such a wonderful view.


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