Carry your plants with you

I saw this on Etsy yesterday and I just couldn’t resist sharing it. There were also mini plant holders that you can attach to a bicycle. Myself, I would rather just enjoy looking at plants in nature.

I received the 6th letter from Bolivia from my cousin Bart and his wife Suzy.  They are serving a mission together at the Cochabama LDS Temple. Their first week was a bit rocky because of altitude sickness but they have adjusted and are doing fine.

Apparently, there is a large statue of Christ there just like the one in Rio.  The photo of the one below is in Cochabama.


8 thoughts on “Carry your plants with you

  1. Cranberry Morning

    That necklace is so funny! It probably wasn't meant to be, but I would need a second necklace with a tiny watering can attached. ;-)Ruth, I lived in Cochabamba for 6 months, working with Wycliffe Bible Translators! (back when the Earth was new). It's so fun to see those photos!

  2. NanaDiana

    That statue is amazing, isn't it? I didn't realize there was a 2nd one somewhere.What a kinky little necklace…I don't think I would wear it but it is cute- xo Diana

  3. Susan

    Hi Ruth..Can't say as I'd ever seen a necklace like that! Cool. And good for your relatives doing missionary work. That lifestyle is difficult yet admirable. Susan

  4. Shopgirl

    Someone had a really fun idea, it would be a great gift. Like my daughter that has a really amazing flower garden. Love the pictures. Hugs, Mary

  5. Jennifer

    Awesome necklace. I would really like to go to coffee with the person who wears it. I bet they would be interesting :)Would make a great conversation starter.


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