This lady really wanted her knees to show. What do you think? Maybe, it’s the latest style with a jig and a jag and peekaboo knees. I wonder what the back looks like.

I’d like to show off my latest creation of earrings.  I am so enamored by them that I’ve seriously thought of not selling them at my Etsy shop.  This is the link to my shop: Dian’s Earrings

Come take a peek.  It costs nothing to just look.


7 thoughts on “

  1. Shopgirl

    Fashion…it can be a little strange. My Granddaughter is so happy when her Jeans are full of thread hanging off of holes. Of course she looks cute in anything, but she paid for that.I love the ear rings, I don.t blame you for wanting to keep them. Have a wonderful afternoon, Mary

  2. Cranberry Morning

    Ha! The peekaboo knees. Crazy, huh! I heard a woman on NPR today who said that up until a few years ago, women speaking in congress would be asked to yield the floor if they were wearing open toe shoes! I couldn't believe it. I wonder if they could show their knees. :-)Those are lovely earrings, so delicate and pretty!


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