July 20 Twas Blissful

I like to connect to Liv Lane’s Little Bliss party on Friday.

1. Twas blissful to actually go through Friday the 13th without thinking much about it and it was an exciting Friday.  Some of my friends at the pool put in special orders for jewelry so I’ve been busy creating new looks.

2. Tis blissful to see my new solar lights at night.  They sit closer to the ground and fan out threads of light in all directions like little fingers caressing the ground.

Solar lights with little frogs on the side gazing up into the sun filled brilliantly blue skys of Utah.

3.  Twas blissful to have some cooler weather blow in from the west for a week. Usually, July is the driest month in Utah but this year, we actually had a couple of rain storms.

4.  Tis blissful and sweet to celebration two July holidays in Utah – first and most important is the 4th of July to celebrate being a free American; 2nd – we celebrate Pioneer Day on July 24 which is a State holiday. Twas the 24th when the first pioneers came to the Salt Lake Valley in 1847. There was a full re-inactment of the pioneer trek with 100 wagons in 1996 who left Nauvoo and made to the Salt Lake Valley. This year only 3 out of 20 wagons are left for the trek – many dropped out.  It is a very hot long trek.

To see a news cast and shot of the wagons, go to KSL news.


2 thoughts on “July 20 Twas Blissful

  1. NanaDiana

    It sounds like a blissful day, indeed. I LOVE your new jewelry that you are showing here- perfect! I hope you have a great weekend, too. xo Diana


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