Days of 47 Parade

Flags are flying, people are off work and today is the largest parade in Utah. We are celebrating the Pioneers who crossed the plains – most of them on foot, a few riding horses and some who drove the wagons. The only people who do not get a holiday off are the Federal Government workers.

One of my youngest pioneers who came early to the valley of Salt Lake was Henry Eames at the young age of 18. He left his home at Garway Hill, Herefordshire, England sailing across the Atlantic ocean in 1851 on the ship Olympus. He met up with his sister Mary Ann and brother-in-law John Carver at St. Louis, Missouri. They crossed the plains in 1854 to Utah. Henry married Emma Beecroft from Kingston Upon Hull, England. She came to Utah with her parents. Henry died at a very young age of 40 leaving 7 children but only 4 survived childhood.

Henry Eames

Alonzo Knight the youngest son of 10 children of Stephen and Polly Knight lived in Marlow, New Hampshire. His father died when Alonzo was 10. He and his mother Polly Pierce Knight left their home in 1849; they crossed the plains in 1850. 

Alonzo was short one month being 91 at his death in 1921.

 Polly married a second husband Rufus Forbush in Utah. She is one of my older pioneers. She died being a widow twice at age 88 in 1876.


2 thoughts on “Days of 47 Parade

  1. NanaDiana

    I think it is so interesting that Utah has a Pioneer day holiday. I don't think any other state has that. What great old pictures and history here- xo Diana

  2. Anne

    I love reading your history tales Ruth and you have some lovely old photos.Your tea towel is on its way and should be with you soon!


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