Saturday afternoon I meandered out to the mailbox to see if I received any mail other than monthly bills and to my surprise, there was a teal blue package. I thought to myself, I don’t remember ordering anything because that is when I usually get a package. I take a closer look and see this giant stamp with the Queen on it and I knew, it was from England. 

A big thank you to my friend Anne who has such a fascinating blog called Marmalade and Catmint.  She is a dear sweet person who knew I was doing some genealogical research in the village of  Lofthouse for my cousin Al who lives in Calgary, Canada. She sent me a unique tea towel with pictures of historic buildings in Lofthouse. 

It is such a large tea towel that I could not get a complete photo of the whole cloth. Thanks again Anne. What wonderful photos of the historic buildings, I love it!

I had a special order last week for a necklace to match the bracelet that I had sold to Carol, a friend of mine from our swimming class.
Pink agate on silver became my latest project and she loved it. What do you think for my first wired necklace?


6 thoughts on “Lofthouse

  1. laurie

    what a lovely gift, so kind to send you this, You did a wonderful job on your first wire necklace, the colors are lovely together, beautiful design,

  2. NanaDiana

    I love the sweet tea towel from your English friend. How lovely is that?You did an absolutely BEAUTIFUL job on that neckace. I would never guess it was your first time making one- xo Diana

  3. Anne

    Hi Ruth, I am so glad the tea towel arrived and you like it.The stall holder would love that it had travelled all the way across the atlantic!!

  4. Shopgirl

    The towel is wonderful, and so different. Your neckless is stunning. You really are a artest.Have a great time in California. I would love to be planning a vacation, maybe in late fall. Big Hugs, Mary


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