Blissfully Aware

Last night my friend Carrie invited our little birthday group of four over for a barbecue at her home. It was a grand feast with lip smacken barbecued chicken, salads and my ultimate favorite dessert Chocolate Eclairs. 

Sometimes I wish I could eat tinsy little bites to make it last longer but I’ve never been a tiny biter.

Best of all were lively discussions late into the evening covering the Olympics and just about every subject one can imagine.  There is nothing more enjoyable, except being with my grandkids,  than an evening with friends.

Carrie now lives in the city where David Archuleta lives. The senior in high school who was on American Idol.

In the pool on Wednesday, a lady came up to me and said, hello and how are you, asked about my daughter by her name and she knew my name.  I talked with her and she told me that two of her six children were still at home. I usually remember a person’s face and not their name but in this case, I don’t even remember her face. I can’t place her – I am totally baffled. How can that be? Her hair wasn’t even wet!

Look at me, the social butterfly! Last night I went to Wines park with a singles group, had barbecued hamburgers with loads of salads and fresh fruit. Later, a group called Auld’sKool Dance Band played music from the 60s-80s. It was fun to listen to and watch all the youngsters kick up their heels. I actually danced three dances (learned two new ones – the Cuban shuffle – anyone ever heard of that?

I am connecting to Liv Lane’s Little Bliss List today. 


5 thoughts on “Blissfully Aware

  1. Shopgirl

    Gosh, this sounds like such a good time. I love barbaque chicken. I can't remember when I danced, a real dance. I am so glad you had fun…we all need these times in our life, we have a lovely group of friends that we hang out with, love the laughter.About the hospital stays back in the day….not counting the day you gave birth. It was three nights and then you went home before noon on the 4th day. If you had a C section it was almost 2 weeks. Things have really changed. Now you are in and out as fast as possible.Have a wonderful weekend…Hugs, mary


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