Late Little Bliss List

Connecting to Liv Lane’s Little Bliss List today.

Twas blissful to finally reach my daughter’s place in California after an all day waiting marathon at two airports but I finally made it safely.

Twas blissful to see my new granddaughter. She was born on Wednesday morning (late because there were two emergency deliveries before hers) weighing in at 7 lb 7 oz,  21 inches long. She has lots of dark hair which both of her sisters had when they were born but their hair fell out and when it slowly grew back in, it was blonde.

Twas blissful to finally find the right exit and the freeway to find the hospital on my own with directions.  Since I’ve never driven here before, it took a few tries, getting lost several times but finding my way back and finally getting to my destination. It was not the same hospital that I saw back in December.

Twas wonderful to see all the smoke gone from a fire at Eagle Mountain from a lightening strike. It burned 2 acres before they got it under control.

Twas wonderful to have several sunny days before the fog rolled in and made it colder.


7 thoughts on “Late Little Bliss List

  1. Jo

    Congratulations on becoming a grandma again, Ruth. Hope your new grandaughter, daughter and rest of the family are well and enjoying the new arrival. Just to let you know that I've awarded you the One Lovely Blog Award, details on my blog. I hope you'll accept it, though I'll understand if you'd prefer not to, I just wanted you to know that I enjoy reading your blog.


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