Flying Time 2 Hours Waiting Time 5 Hours

I left my house at 9:30 am and was at the airport one hour before my flight was to leave. Southwest airlines sent a message saying the flight was delayed 30 minutes.  That was okay, I can wait another 30 minutes and read my Peculiar Crimes Unit book with Bryant and May. Next, we were told that our plane was still in Arizona and had maintenance problems and it would be another two hours before we were to even take off. So basically, I was at the Salt Lake Airport 3 hours waiting for my flight to begin.

Because the plane was so late, I missed my flight connection in Las Vegas. They put me on a later flight so I had to sit in the extremely noisy Las Vegas Airport for two hours. I finally arrived in California at 6 PM and not 3:40 PM which in turn made me miss my Caltrain connection to Gilroy of which there are only two trains to Gilroy. 

Oxygen Bar in Las Vegas airport; I’d never seen one before.

Vegas style

By the time I arrived in San Jose, I was exhausted. I caught the free bus shuttle to catch the Caltrain. I asked a couple of guys for help and they helped me catch a light rail train and told me where to catch the Caltrain. By the time I got there, I had missed the it.

I hopped on a bus to Gilroy and rode for 90 minutes so I arrived at 9 pm. My son-in-law was waiting in Gilroy to pick me up. He in turn got off the freeway at the wrong exit and we were lost for an extra 15 minutes and finally, I arrived after 10 PM which is one of the most grueling travel days ever.


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