One Lovely Blog Award

This award comes rules.

1) Thank the person who nominated you.
Thanks to Jo at Through the Keyhole.

2) List seven things about yourself.

3) Pass on the award to five blogs.

Here’s my list:

1. Trip of a Life Time:  My trip of a life time was back in 2001 when I flew to England and then to Dublin to pick up my daughter from her two year mission in Ireland. We toured Ireland for a week and then drove around England and Wales for 2 weeks.

2. Favorite sport: I loved snow skiing. I took lessons and got pretty good at it even doing moguls.

3. Favorite TV: I am intrigued by the reality shows like Dancing with the Stars. I would have given my eye teeth to dance with a professional dancer. My all time favorite is The Amazing Race.

4. School: I attended the 3rd, 4th and 5th grades in a one-room school where each row of students was a different grade (1-5).

5. Life Changing Event: My best friend died of breast cancer at the young age of 42, which was a wake up call for me.  It had a devastating effect and I changed my life for the better.

6. Description: I was born a blue eyed blonde. My hair was like peach fuzz – not long at all and it took years to grow it longer so that I didn’t look bald by the time I was 3.

7. Favorite Activities:  Dancing since I was five; genealogy since I was 28; reading since I was 16; and now making jewelry.

I am fascinated with the following blogs not only for their inspiring titles but for the unique blogs that they created. I would like to award the following blogs with “The Lovely Blog Award”:

1. Beneath the Elm Tree

2.  The Turquoise Heart by Blair

3.  The Maple Syrup Mob

4.  Tales from Twisty Lane

5.  Corners of My Mind by Rosie


7 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Anne

    Congratulations Ruth, I was awarded it too but havent got around to doing anything with it yet. I do find them really time consuming and cant always find time to sit and think about the answers and put them down.Hope you are well, love Anne

  2. Jo

    Thank you for accepting the award, Ruth. I enjoyed reading your facts. My life changing event was losing my sister to Cancer at the age of 42, it's so young, isn't it? The following year, I found I had Cancer myself. It really puts things in to perspective.

  3. Rosie

    Thank you Ruth for thinking of me and my blog, I will have to have a think about the 7 things! I've very much enjoyed reading your responses to the questions:)

  4. NanaDiana

    I love this about you, Ruth! I never knew you danced. How wonderful is that- I haven't danced in a long time but used to love to do just that. Somehow I knew you were a reader!;>) xo Diana

  5. Jane and Chris

    Gosh, thank you so much for thinking of me and my furry mob!We took ballroom lessons for a while…I loved it . We left when the teacher changed..she had too many in the class .Jane x


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