Blissful to be Home

I am back to my old routine and trying to get my back feeling good again. Saw my chiropractor this bright sunny morning for an adjustment after a half hour of ooh ouch water aerobics.  I haven’t been for a month so every move seem to be sore before I even did it!
After this reminder in Vegas, my trip home was a snap compared to the flight to California which seemed like a disaster.  Rocco Piganelli was the flight attendant that filled my soul with laughter.  Curly headed Rocco with frosted silver hair kept us belly laughing all the way to Salt Lake City and said the flight then continued to Kaula Lumpur. (Where was that – did no one else hear it?) 
Age does not seem to be an issue for hiring flight attendants!

Rocco said in a delightful voice, “we will be serving lobster and Porterhouse Steak in first class and in second class, hamburger helper.” Most heard that especially since there was no first class unless it was hidden behind that invisible wall. Demonstrating the buckle to fasten your seat belts, he said, “if you don’t know how to fasten and unfasten your seat belts by now, you don’t get out enough!”
I’d like to take him home just to keep me laughing!

It is so good to be home – an entire month is too long to be away from home.  My cats were all cuddly and giving me kisses with those sandpaper tongues.

I like to connect to the Little Bliss List of Liv Lane.

5 thoughts on “Blissful to be Home

  1. Jane and Chris

    On a trip to the UK my flight attendant (on seeing my non vegan breakfast …I'm vegan)said.."You're not eating that muck love…have my apple".Go to love flight attendants!Jane x PS I wish we had aqua fit here!


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