Puff was a short-haired little yellow cat. I found her one day out by where I worked.  Someone had abused her and abandoned her so I took her home.  She was very mild mannered. I always thought that her growth had been stunted because of abuse and she also had a bend in her tail but we gave her a loving home.

One day my neighbor came over to my backyard and she literally attacked him.  I have no idea what set her off but maybe it was a memory from the past. She never attacked anyone else.


5 thoughts on “Beware

  1. June

    Some people can be so horrid to animals. I was just reading in the paper here the other day about an area where over 20 cats have been poisoned and the Police were advising all cat owners to keep their pets indoors. It's unbelievable to think that there are weirdos out there who will do this sort of thing. I bet you gave the abandoned kitty a very good home. Thankfully, there are more generous people than the nasty abusers.June

  2. Susan

    Hi Ruth…Glad you are back home and getting into your old routine.That flight attendant sounded like a hoot. Wish they had more like him on airplanes!Thanks for your visit and comment, too! Always glad to see you stopped by.Oh boy. Bet your neighbor was surprised when kitty turned wild. Hope the neighbor still talks! ha! Take care. Susan


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