Hills of Carmel

If you look in the upper left hand corner, bits of moss drape gracefully from the tree. This lovely quaint unique stone home (the sign on the gate read “The House by the Side of the Road”)  was toward the top of Carmel hill overlooking the magnificent blue ocean. The road had narrowed to a one lane with pull out areas every so often.  In Utah we call those cow trails only ours are not paved but are ruts of whitish grey dirt. You would never find moss hanging from any tree in Utah, we are too too dry here.

More moss in trees – this was close to the Community Hospital of Monterey Peninsula.  It was fascinating to me to see all that moss.

This was the view from the house with the angels protecting their property.

Each home on the hill had their own splendid view of the ocean. Can you imagine watching a fog come rolling in off the ocean?


6 thoughts on “Hills of Carmel

  1. Susan

    Wow. That was a sumptuous view. The people who live there must be movie stars! Take care, Ruth. And thanks for all your visits and comments to my beloved blog. Susan

  2. Sarajan

    So glad to have found your blog! Your photos are beautiful. I, too, am addicted to genealogical research – so many fascinating clues. It's so much fun to 'meet' family members from way back. — Jan


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